“Creative muscle drives change within the best businesses today, and creative marketers have never been better positioned to lead the way.

For those of you who weren’t part of the New Thinking experience last year, these awards are different - as you can see from the categories. Our celebration gives recognition and a spotlight to those brands and agencies who are challenging the status quo, from strategy through to creative and execution, and across all aspects of the marketing landscape, from ground-breaking targeting to mobile innovation to cultural change.

With New Thinking we are celebrating the work that is making businesses better for tomorrow. And the incredible calibre of our judges is testament to how seriously this agenda - of embracing change, with marketing leading the charge within wider business - is taken by our industry leaders.”

- Rachel Barnes, editor, Marketing magazine

We are proud to announce that Sky Media is our New Thinking Awards Headline Partner

"New thinking is an admirable concept but it does have its drawbacks, as we all know from experience.

It takes considerable time, focus and energy, all of which has to be either diverted from elsewhere or conjured up afresh. It also has a strong tendency to trample on toes, pet projects, prejudices, assumptions, old habits and convenient ways of doing things. And the most frustrating thing of all - it doesn’t always work out as planned. So by definition new thinking is disruptive, and businesses and individuals need courage to pursue their bright ideas. However when the light bulb moment is given power, it sparks debate and energises decisions. Suddenly you find that everyone’s engaged and stimulated: not just switched on, but connected too.

At Sky Media we believe in the power of new thinking, and want to celebrate and acknowledge those who also believe in better. Great ideas and fresh approaches lead to progress and success, and we’re proud to be a part of these awards."

- Rachel Bristow, Director of Partnership, Sky Media

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