About the Awards

Our mission statement

Campaign’s Marketing New Thinking Awards are all about inspirational work, showcasing world-class innovation across all aspects of the marketing agenda. This is not about technology, although that plays a core role; it is about the inspiring work, be that strategic, creative or executional, that is driving the very best brands, agencies and businesses forward to a successful future. The winners will be those companies that truly understand the complex marketing landscape, believe in workplace disruption and embrace the constant evolution demanded of them in an age of rapid change. 

Who should enter the New Thinking Awards?

Companies from right across the marketing landscape are invited to enter these awards, relaunched for 2018. While the focus of New Thinking remains on the brand work, these awards are intended to recognise the best businesses throughout this amazing industry - be they brands, all types of agencies, media owners, tech companies, production houses or other related businesses.

If your business if focused on thinking and doing different, then the New Thinking Awards are for you.

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