About the Awards

Our Mission Statement

Marketing’s New Thinking Awards are all about inspirational work, showcasing world-class innovation across all aspects of the marketing agenda. This is not about technology, although that plays a core role; it is about the inspiring work, be that strategic, creative or executional, that is driving the very best brands forward to a successful future. The winners will represent the brands, and agencies, that truly understand the complex marketing landscape and embrace the constant evolution demanded of them in an age of rapid change. 

What Are The Marketing New Thinking Awards and Why We Started Them

“We don’t need another award show.” While that might be a fair response, we believe these awards are notably different. We have chosen to move away from the traditional vertical format of channel- or sector-specific awards schemes, instead focusing on themes or issues we believe reflect marketing today and celebrate strong brands and brave marketers. 

Through our industry research, we have identified awards that illustrate what is exciting about marketing today; what work is breaking new ground, represents the best creative and strategic thinking, and is elevating marketing as a driving force in business.

New Thinking is not just about strategy. These inaugural awards are about shared learning and the winner of each category will inspire other brands and agencies to break out from the norm, think and do different and carve out success for tomorrow - right through from beautiful creative work to team dynamics.

It’s not always about big bang transformational activity. New thinking is evolutionary; it’s a shift in our approach to the challenges and opportunities we face each day.

We invite the industry to come together to share and champion the most inspirational marketing today and to celebrate how best-in-class new thinking fosters change and progress. 


The best of these strategic Essays - not just the winners - will be published online as part of a new ‘Inspiration’ series (entrants will have the option to opt out if you would not like to be considered for publication). We will select those we feel will inspire others and those that reflect the ethos of new thinking, placing shared learning at the heart of the Awards.

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