Always #LikeAGirl

Leo Burnett London / Procter & Gamble / Always


Research by feminine-hygiene brand Always showed that many girls suffer a crisis of confidence during puberty, and that gender stereotyping through language has a big impact. In particular, Always zeroed in on the way in which the phrase ‘like a girl’ is widely seen as an insult, implying that whatever a girl does is not good enough. 

As a result, the brand ran a social-media campaign to challenge the phrase’s use as a damaging expression and create a cultural change, redefining ‘like a girl’ in an inspiring way. Across the world, millions of people, including feminist writer and activist Gloria Steinem and actor and human-rights activist George Takei, joined Always in its mission to turn ‘like a girl’ into a positive statement and a symbol of female empowerment

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