How to Enter

Deadline: Friday 25 May
Shortlist Announcement: July 2018
Awards Ceremony: Wednesday 26 September

Eligibility Dates: Monday 1 May 2017 - Friday 4 May 2018

£445+VAT (valid between 14 April - 25 May)

Please include the following information with every entry:
    • Project name
    • Name of company/organisation to be credited
    • Client/brand
    • Please upload an image to represent your entry. If your entry should be shortlisted this image will represent your entry with the Marketing New Thinking Awards website. All files should be supplied in high res JPEG format a minimum 300dpi.
    • Summary overview: please refer to the 3 requirements detailed within each category for specific questions (150 words each).
      Within the entry system there will be appropriate fields where this text will need to be included but please feel free to also include it in your uploaded entry.

    This is your opportunity to tell the story behind your work. Your written essay must be no more than 1,000 words (excluding the three 150 word summary overviews) which you will need to upload from your desktop. You may illustrate your submission PDF with thumbnail images, but these should be kept to a minimum. 

    Entries exceeding the word limit will automatically receive lower scores form the Judges.

    Please note you may only upload a total of 50MB to the system including your essay. 

    After you have uploaded your submission, you may then upload any additional images to illustrate your work. Images may be used in the Awards supplement and the AV presentation, should your entry reach the shortlist. 

    Please make clear any special instructions that will help the judges access internet sites you may have provided. If you have video footage or a case study you would like to include in your submission, please host the content on YouTube or Vimeo and include the link within the available field within the entry system.

    It is understood that in some cases entries may include commercially sensitive information. 

    Campaign reserves the right to publish descriptions and case studies of winning entries, but if an entrant asks for any part of their submission to remain confidential, it will be treated as such. 

    To do so, please mark sensitive information within your written submission and send an email to

    1. Follow the enter now link to complete the online registration
    2. Select the category you would link to enter
    3. Provide your written submission within the appropriate text fields
    4. Upload your lead image and any relevant support material
    5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to make multiple entries
    6. Submit entry(ies) and make payment where applicable

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