Why Enter?

Why Enter?

There are many obvious benefits to entering (and winning) Awards:

·       To raise a company / agency / individual’s profile. 

·       To stand out in a competitive market place.

·       To help attract new business.

·       To prove they’re delivering the best possible product for their clients and to reassure their clients they are the best company / agency /person for the job.

·       To showcase their portfolio of work to clients, potential clients and peers.

·       To have their work judged and externally benchmarked by leading professionals in the business.

·       To boost staff morale and to reward individuals and teams for their hard work.

·       To gain fantastic PR opportunities.


But entering awards can be a costly thing to do, especially when you consider the number of Awards out there. So why enter the Marketing New Thinking Awards in particular?


Put simply, Marketing is the premier news brand for the marketing community. It is widely respected as the magazine that truly gives the big picture of what's going on in the marketing, media and advertising industries. Forward thinking and definitive it lies at the heart of the UK’s marketing business. Alignment with, and recognition from Marketing via their Awards is an external benchmark worth having.

Marketing’s Inspiration Series

The best of these strategic Essays - not just the winners - will be published online as part of a new ‘Inspiration’ series (please note you have the option to opt out if you would not like to be considered for publication). We will select those we feel will inspire others and those that reflect the ethos of new thinking, placing shared learning at the heart of the Awards.

  • Cadbury 'memevertising' campaign should have creative agencies feeling nervous https://t.co/crPgLBPF0n by @Marqueasy https://t.co/0vjOgkJBT2

  • The Marketing Mind podcast: Domino's head of digital @Thedutch81 talks all things tech https://t.co/IOkU816wSQ https://t.co/RwatE6XjvM

  • Five ways to get ahead if you're just starting out in marketing https://t.co/DkohGdvtST https://t.co/QSSPHFHwrU

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